Time Passed

by Dragons Of Eden

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I loved that girl years ago My juvenile heart blew it though Where is she now? Did she take vows? Is she a mother and a wife? Is she even still alive? How would it be if we should meet? With all these years in between We're not the same We couldn't be I am not the man I was Or the man I will become Time passed There is water underneath the bridge What lines did time write on her face? Would she recall my fall from grace? And through the years Did she have more joy than tears? I would really love to know But I guess I never shall Not now
I met a man with narrow views Believed his race superior to the rest He was not colour blind He would distort reality And he would rave and bully the innocents His point to prove His heart would not allow The facts to ease his brow Believed in his own mind God had a favourite colour Convinced himself and others too That they should beat someone that was not like themselves In thier mindless violence The man they beat almost to death Was not some thing, but another human too With a life to lose He had a wife and son He had a favourite song He had a favourite food and a favourite colour God has no favourite colour
Sweet sweet sweet sweet love, you're gonna feel it Sweet sweet sweet sweet love you're gonna need it This emotion it will cause you pain You'd best avoid it But there really is no hiding place You cant control it By embracing it with open arms You're at the mercy of it's charms Sweet sweet sweet sweet love, you're gonna need it If you want your life without Complications Cancel you're subscription to Love's obligations It's creepin' in the back door now You mustn't let your gaurd go down Sweet sweet sweet sweet love, you're gonna feel it
She sat eating mascarpone, sipping her latte While perusing her copy, of the New Yorker's page And the monthly review, informed her anew The oldest things in Greenwich Were the money and the view Here's to the view The money and the view He sat slumped all alone, at the end of the bar In his Saville Row suit and his Gaberdine scarf His glass raised a toast to no one that he knew Here's to the lifestyle The money and the view They were made for each other, their cultures aligned Shared an interest in art, and all things sublime Though they never would meet It was just something that I knew They believed in the lifestyle The money and the view
I sit here and look for clues Something that may allude To the answers 'Cos answers I need Answers may keep me around A bolt may come from the the blue Show me what I must do To find answers Answers I seek Answers might keep me around It's simpicity itself You would think Answers They must abound But there are so many more questions As I have found out. I'm lost on a sea of change Alone in the night I claim To find answers But answers ellude Answers may keep me around
Mr No Show, you know him well But his intent you cannot tell His smiling face is one of two Dont turn your back I'm warning you Mr No Show you love the bars Where you can pose as one you aren't The masquerade is over soon Because your friends are on to you Mr No Show he'll tell you lies But with a twinkle in his eyes A promise made is soon forgot Hollow words, sure enough Mr No Show How is your son? Oh Come on now, you know the one He is the gift you tossed away When you abandoned him on his birthday Mr No Show Is there no clue What fills the space inside of you? Your conscience clear you always say I dont know how it stays that way
Money talks they always say For everything you have to pay I've heard it said often enough That people need more of the stuff The root of evil, so goes the line And some would kill for dollar signs You may feel a real disgust For anyone with money lust Now we know that it cant buy love or make you well But still those are among us whose lust can't be quelled In certain surroundings where you must be seen You cannot make the scene without long green Lady money talks to me But not in words I can repeat If dirty talking turns you on Prepare yourself for unrequited love Kiss your family a long goodbye 'Cos she'll have you working from dawn till night She'll make you hungry and feed your needs But leave you lusting after her needs Give me long green


Dragons of Eden is a studio based band of two core members - Bill Perry on guitar and vocals,and Andrew Marlow,keyboards. This album also features the following guest musicians: Mark Griffiths,bass and acoustic guitar,Eddie Giacobbe,bass,Omar Belmonte,drums, Michael Hafner,percussion and Andre Carol, trumpets.


released August 22, 2001

Produced by Andrew Marlow.


all rights reserved



bill perry Auckland, New Zealand

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