Oxygen Thief

by Bill Perry

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Spring is in the air I feel it in my bone Suspected tidal wave Of lust May hit my home Knock me for a loop Turn my brain to soup I always lose my nerve When I see her curve I go Hooray for the girl Flashy teeth and eyes Make me all a flutter Lips that smile at me Turn my legs to butter Must be natures way Or God had a good day With that Extra rib Its a hell of a trick Hooray for the girl
Love is like Like a banana skin You slip and slide Into her arms You have to tread Ever so carefully In efforts to avoid Her charms Your well ordered Lone existance Coming under threat Plans you made May have to go on hold You may offer Some resistance All the time A shorter distance Between the life to come And what you've known Dig a trench Or build a wall Around your lonely heart Tell yourself Your mind is in control Wrestle with a deep emotion Kept in check But just for so long That banana skin Is in your path
A flower rare In beauty lies Not common here But may be found Growing on shore And sand And here I've Laid my plans The silver bird The wingtips shine And flying swiftly He blinds our eyes That gaze across the waters And here I've Laid my plans A stiff wind kills The flower fair A silver feather Comes floating down A teardrop Fills my eye And ruins Best laid plans
Feeling like I won the prize The best girl in the town is mine See the envy in thier eyes Now its me the men despise She was a model and I mean deluxe But now we're getting to the crux I bowled a maiden over there And now the truth I must declare I wear the crown In my home town The prince of fools Iwear the crown Full of optomistic youth I figured I just could not lose I must be the catch of the day The voices in my head would say Rose coloured were the spectacles But all that glitters is not gold My vanity has cost me dear And now the girl has disappeared
Got a lovely little lady called Claire Beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair Unfortunatley she is fictional And I need to get frictional With a girl know another little honey called Sarah She loves me dear and who can blame her Oh the bawdy times we share Are only spoiled by my Reality check Fantasy women Always willing Oh the strokes that they get up to In my head Fantasy women Fine and Dandy But a little of the real thing Would surely come in handy i know a gorgeous Irish girl name of Nuala Theres nothing that you would'nt want to do with her I see her everytime I close my eyes A luxury vision in my mind Of course theres Emma,Sue and Jane Three individuals none the same But when they gather in my head Theres very little room left there in the bed She's hot Like a Jalepeno
The girl had told him Hey we need the money So he sold hid freedom For continuity of work And when thier mortgage Went through the roof Thats when he knew Boy they finally have you And this England Its an open prison And what did you do To deserve your sentence You just got born On a sinking ship And one day soon You're gonna sink with it Now the working man they say Causes all the problems And all his wage claims Are inflationary But wont the tell us What we're to do With the cost of living still rising Like a helium balloon And this England It's an open prison And what did you do To deserve your sentence You just got born With a plastic spoon in your mouth And it will choke you One day soon The middle classes In detatched houses Call us lazy And ridicule But from the golf course The world looks rosy Without an unpaid bill To spoil the view
Joes the man With a smile And a glare That might keep you in line From his hat To his crocodile shoes Joes the man I would choose See him out Girl in tow On the town In his GTO He's a man Who likes to get things done Joes the man Number one
I'm Not Love Sick No regrets None at all Not a trace Of reject oil If i can't lie To myself What chance have I With an audience?
Trailer trash Well you've seen them around Slopeing forhead Knuckles on the ground You're never gonna change Thier point of view Thats one thing That you're never gonna do I have seen So many in this town It worries me To know that there are around They wear with pride Thier perocial tatoo In the shallow end Of the gene pool The're pond life Trailer trash Please tell me is it true That I share The same latin name as you Genetically There must be some mistake For you have more in common With an ape
You just delight me Tho' you will never know Your identity I cant reveal though For you are so far Out of reach So very far out of my league You must remain a fantasy You just delight me You just delight me Tho' from afar A visual tonic Thats what you are And every time you talk to me I always hear a symphony You seem to fill A vacancy in me You just delight me I hold no ambition In her direction But my smile for her Holds a genuine affection But its unrequited I know
Headlines say the Queen Has sneezed at the club Some rich fool hsa hurt his hand In a fall Iwould like To know the answer Is the country Really bothered at all Soccer yob Escapes the law With a fine it makes the front page Of the tabloids Everytime I would like To know the answer have they found A cure for cancer Headlines say The butcher boy Got the knack Of getting very rich Avoiding tax And i would like Some of that action But the taxman Got my ass in traction Headlines say Theres always room At the top And free enterprise Is a closed shop And all thes headlines I have read Put puzzled lines On my forehead


Funk, Jazz , Reggae and Rock combine on this mostly uptempo album


released August 30, 2010

Bill Perry ; Lead and harmony vocals,all instruments
The Kiwi Belles ; female vocals

Catalogue # PMPLP007


all rights reserved



bill perry Auckland, New Zealand

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