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No Time To Lose

by Bill Perry

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Played,Arranged and Produced by Bill Perry for Perrysongs Music Publishing Ltd


released March 11, 2011

Bill Perry; all instruments,lead and harmony vocals
Female Vocals : THe Kiwi Belles
Cover Photography : Ben Perry


all rights reserved



bill perry Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: No Time To Lose
Well I've been sending out antenae
Trying to get my feelers felt
Trying to gauge the current temperature
Before I start to melt
Looking for a cool place
Somewhere in the shade
Gotta get me out this heat
Then I'll have it made

But theres no time to lose

No word was received today
Been no word for a while
Just screaming in the park at night
And broken glass for miles
Flowers in the window
Rats beneath the floor
Man who comes to pound and pound
On my door

But theres no time to lose

Sleepless nights
Living on my uppers
Too long spent
Sinning for my supper
Track Name: No Trouble Like Mine
There's been no trouble like mine
No trouble like mine
I hear sob stories
All the time
But theres no trouble like mine

There's been no heartache like mine
No heartache like mine
I've a sympathetic ear for others
From time to time
But theres no heartache like mine
Track Name: Wait
Wait for tomorrow
Things will be O.K
I know its just a sad cliche
But love is on its way

Track Name: English Music
I'm seek of hearing the same recycled riff
First heard in the playground
I'm seek of players with turned up noses
Getting off on rock star poses
I dont mind what they play
There must be another way

Just want some English Music

I,m seek of players from Clapham Common
Making like they come from Dallas
Let,s have a little honesty right here
Give it to me straight and pure please
Track Name: Forget You
You were the apple of my eye
But the core that told me lies
Has left me with a bitter taste
I cried when you threw me out the door
But I just cant cry no more
You're the kind of girl I just dont need

All I want to do
Is forget you

Sometimes when the rules are being bent
Frustrations they will vent
And we both crossed that line at times
We two
Just as people often do
Fluffed our lines and missed our cue's
Now all thats left is bitter tears

All I want to do
Is forget you
Track Name: Act Your Age
I'm so tired
Of feeling tired
It's so hard
To get wired
The hot pace
I cannot face
The harsh truth
I can't use

I know it's easy
With your head in the sand
But I'm faceing my problems
As nature demands

It's alright
It's O.K
To act your age
It's required
Act your age
Right now

Am I washed out
Or washed up
Is this a half full
Or empty cup
I'm shaken
But not stirred
'Cos time has
The last word
Track Name: Paris And London
Every day I fantasize
About a different kind of life
One in which I do not toil
And nothing's there to make my blood boil
Checking out my bank account
And counting out the large amounts

I'd have my homes
There in Paris and London
With a view of the Seine
And a bend in the Thames
I'd have my homes
There in Paris and London
Icould fell so alive
Making paradice mine

Every day I'd rise at ten
And go about my business doing nothing
I would wander in my lazy style
And maybe walk for miles and miles and miles
Even though it isn't fair
I'd live a life without a care

Cobblestones and cafe bars
Galleries for object'd'art
Weekends spent in Monaco
Or Aspen,Colorado for the snow
Learn to live with my affliction
Learn to deal with my addictions
Track Name: Aotearoa Sun
Sitting here in
The morning sun
I've been wasting my time
For far to long
The sun is up
The day is new
The snapper await me
In the blue

This heart was made for you
Theres nothing I want
More to do
Than to spend my whole life
Right here with you
You gotta get out while you're young
To Aotearoa sun

Aotearoa,Aotearoa,Aotearoa Sun
Aotearoa,Aotearoa,Aotearoa Sun
You are all I ever want

The hills that rise
Above the sand
Indelibly mark
The minds of men
The silver arc
The swaying palm
The crystaline stars
Will work thier charms

Sitting here by
The chimenea
Just warming my toes
And sipping beer
Stories told
And friendships won
To the accompaniement of
The rollers hum
Track Name: Signs Of Life
The doctors mouth wore a crinkled grin
Like muscle just introduced to skin
THe nursed flapped as they ushered you in
Prepare yourself for some news so grim
Well in his mental state
It must debilitate
We're looking for signs of life
We've done all we can
Now it's in God"s hands
Show me some signs of life

The chaplain turned his offended eye
From the graffitti up to the sky
As he surveyed the urban decay
He found he did not know who to blame
Well if my good book's right
I'll read again tonight
Show me some signs of life
I've done all I can
Now it's in God's hands
Show me some signs of life

The teacher cocked her disgusted ear
From language she would not choose to hear
It brings new meaning to child abuse
You get no change from a misspent youth
If they're like it at ten
What can the future bring
Show me some signs of life
I've done all I can
Now it's in God's hands
Show me some signs of life