Estuary English

by Bill Perry

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(free) 03:04
My baby has eyes only for you My baby has eyes only for you I dont know what I'm going to do My baby has eyes only for you It's all over now All over town
She had everything She had the look the grace the style She gave everything She gave my life and then her time Braver than a lion As gentle as a lamb She gave a mothers love As only mothers can Every encouragment I took without a thought Too late now for apologies Too late because she's gone She had everything A pure soul and heart and mind She gave everything Her sacrifice for me and mine In all the years I loved her I never understood Exactly what she meant to me Or what a good son does For tender words are useless When unspoken in your head The living years go rushing by And they remain unsaid Thank you is a phrase That never says enough And so my heart Will keep the secret Of my unspoken love Sorry is a word I use I use for my own sake Now every time I close my eyes I see her lovely face She had everything
If the tiger disappears Why then should we cry It's not as if we are going to miss All those tiger pies And sartorially speaking Stripes are really quite passe And orange as a colour Doesn't suit me ayway As a rug they are offencive All teeth and shoe worn skin Now they tell me That the bones are crushed And used in Chinese medicine So if the tiger disappears It wont cause us any pain It will however be,of course To our eternal shame
(free) 03:52
Magdelene Who were you Your headstone Leaves us little clue It tells you died At three years old In 1862 And did your fathers hair turn white with grief Did your mothers tears flow like the stream Did you die of something like a plague Or something much more sinister That we cannot contemplate Magdelene Do you now play At God's side Eternally And how long Did you have to wait Until your mother came Magdelene your ghost rose from the grave And made me write these words upon this page I hope to God your little soul was saved If not then truth and faith and youth Are all at once betrayed Magdelene These words for you I hope you like them Yes I do Perhaps your name Will live through time Immortalised in rhyme Or maybe fate decided you must stay In obscurity where you now lay But something child I really want to say Your ghost has touched me in a very Very special way Magdelene Who were you
I'll wait outside You can deliver the bad news Just tell it like it is And I have every faith and confidence In your ability to shine I'll wait in back You can put forward the motion We must play to our strengths And I will be right here Though I wont appear My yellow streak will see to that Because I'm all talk And no action It's a character flaw That I possess You know I'm all talk And no action I guess
No tea at three At the Ritz for me No champagne or sushi bars And I wont peruse No art hung rooms Enlightened by thier charms It may seem so unsophisticated Just headphones loud And a groove And I'll be Living it up Living it up Living it up all night No lunch at two Secret rendevous No champagne or oyster bars I'm home by eight At the phones I'll wait Hanging with superstars
There's a film I've seen Where the male lead Is a hero of a certain kind Always had the rugged looks And of course comedic hooks His teeth and hat Were always white Theres a star i'd seen And as a young man dreamed I'd emulate his playing style And though I never made the grade Still I'm not ashamed to say The trip for me Was worth the while These hero's filled my head But now Like them The dream is dead There was a girl I'd seen On the silver screen And I dreamt one day I'd walk out with her And though it never was to be I would'nt be her cup of tea And there's a queue ahead of me anyhow There was a life I'd planned It was oh so grand But a tribute To my naivity But even as I look around I can feel a little proud That I keep the best society These hero's filled my head But now Like them The dream is dead


Song collection from 2004


released April 11, 2004

Bill Perry : Vocals, lead guitar,electric and acoustic guitars
Mark Griffiths : Electric bass, fretless bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards
Tony South : Piano, Rhodes ,Clavinet
Chris Storr : Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Steve Hamper : Drums
Tony Sketchley : Tenor Sax

All songs / compositions by Bill Perry except "If The Tiger Disappears" by Bill Perry and Mark Griffiths

Recorded at Rooksmere Studios Northamptonshire and Secret Location, Leicestershire England

Produced by Bill Perry / Mark Hutchinson, except tracks 3 and 5, Produced by Mark Griffiths


Catalogue #PMPLP001


all rights reserved



bill perry Auckland, New Zealand

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