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Emotional Discharge

by Bill Perry

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released May 17, 2011


all rights reserved



bill perry Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Fly Away Home
I've been around
And I'll tell you no lies
I've seen better places
I've seen bluer skies
But now I'm here
And I'm stuck for a while
I'll say the right things
I'll wear a false smile

But oh, when I think of it
I live in my head when I dream of it
All that I want is a simple thing
Its to fly away home

Across the sea
Is the land of my dreams
I'll cross the Atlantic
My good friends to see
And when at last
I return to those shores
The gloom will be lifted
Of this I am sure
Track Name: Lionhearts
The lamb dies
No one ever cries
Everybody's looking
For a lionheart

The weak cry
"Cos strength aint on thier side
They know that they must suffer
For the lionhearts

The good guys never win
Always pummeled in
A shining smile is no match
For a clenched fist

The rat race
Is never won by rats
They always meet a cat
With a lionheart

And now the meek they cry
They know it was a lie
And all they will inherit
Is a fat lip

And outdepthed
I stand and witness this
Alone abused and wrecked
By the lionhearts
Track Name: Five Stars
She got eyes that smoulder brightly
Like embers in a fire
Diamonds on her fingers
A little wiggle in her walk
She looks good enough to eat
But too dangerous to talk to
She got five stars

She looks sassy on the cat walk
Where shes full of feline grace
Has a funny little half frown
That she wears apon her face
Though her ears are dripping silver
She's as cultered as a pearl
She got five stars

Not one
But five stars

She has a photogenic nose
That she flares when she's annoyed
But that very rarely happens
'Cos she's friends with all the boys
She makes love only with the camera
And she never lose her poise
She got five stars

She gives intimate exclusives
To glossy magazines
She's seen all the hottest nightclubs
In one thousand dollar jeans
She would love to make a movie
She says life aint what it seems
Track Name: Postcards
Colour supplementary
Life is elementary
Everyday's a holiday
Lived in a special way
But I've heard of a mob
Of working class yobs
Who wont behave that way

They send
Postcards from the last resort
Where the heat is on
And time is short
Wishing that you
Were there
With their backs against the wall
Looking for signs of the fall
Wishing it was you
And not them

They could live in ideal homes
Spend all their weekends in Rome
But they prefer to live in slums
Wasting time with drinking chums
The're basically lazy
And politically crazy
But they prefer
To live that way

Our lifestyle is just simply devine
It's just like the movies
Occasional lapses of taste
Our only crime
God we're so groovy
We've always been a little ahead of our time
Ahead of our time
Track Name: Goodbye Claire
She was such a pretty thing
In her younger days
Hair as red as a corn field ablaze
Eyes fierce and untamed

She'd give us her good advice
She'd say wrap up in the cold
You got your health you got all that you need
Just help the children and the old

She'd give her last penny
As poor as she was
And when she died on a cold winters night
I felt my heart turn to dust

So this song is for you Claire
Wherever you are
I think you knew that I loved you so well
Lord I miss you so much
Track Name: Pressure Makes Diamonds
Chopper roars to his oldest friend
He says
Captain Smirnoff
Please save my weekend

The Captain's silent
On this occasion
So many times
He'd saved Chopppers bacon

Failing to plan
Is planning to fail
Pressure makes diamonds
Or coal if you fail
So dont you fail
The pressure's on

The deal is done
Going over the line
Chopper pleads
For a little time

But friends are short
When the goings tough
So he packs his bags
And goes on the run

Chopper smiles
At the golden one
He says
Daddy's home
To his only son

A warm embrace
And a silent word
Has Chopper learned
Only love is golden
Track Name: No Axe To Grind
The shallow end of the genepool
That was aquip and a half
My love is soaring like seagulls
I'll ignore your cruel laugh

I got no axe here to grind
I'm gonna make you mine
I'll have to work on your mind
But I'm gonna make you mine

You say you feel like an angler
The one who landed the tyre
I say it's vicious but witty
And it just ignites my fire

I am resigned in this matter
I face a constant rebuff
And though you challenge my confidence
My resolve will be enough
Track Name: Tell Me Why
I got myself all upset now
"Cos I just seen the show
Concerned another innocent child
Murdered by the cartel
Putting dollars first

Tell me why, then
In this
The greatest country on earth
Tell me why,then
The people have to suffer
The children and their mothers

And down on the subway
We see another homeless guy
Blankly staring
And begging for pennies
The people just ignore him
And hurry right on by
Track Name: Thinking About Love
Thinking about Love
Thinking about love
Thinking about love
Anf thinking about you

Well now
I went out to the grocery store
I thought I saw you through that open door
But it turned out to be a girl
That I once knew
She is mighty fine its true
But she'll only ever be half the woman of you
And it got me thinking about love and all it means

I went up to the north east coast
That's the place that it rains the most
Like a fool i did not take me no coat
Pretty soon I was wet to the skin
But the thought of you made me warm again
Just the same next time I'm gonna take me an umbrella