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(free) 03:08
Strange face on the magezine Forcing me to buy her I dragged my willing body I wanted then to own her Into the paper shop Into the paper shop My hands are sweating ice My lover cover girl Her features leapt out from the page Something like a dragon Licked at my eyes with her eyes I gave a ghost some money Out on the street I look Out on the street I look Her face in full colour My lover cover girl I took her home to my room Lock my door shut me off I felt so anxious caught a glimpse Mummy's coming up the stairs Under the bed she goes Under the bed she goes No one must ever know My lover cover girl
Paint your door Green red and purple If you see me Take me home I dont think Of even numbers My life is one of Coloured paper All around Decorate Your youngest sister She wont realise Her fate Daub her in A strange mixture Never mess around With the colours that breathe When they move Coloured paper Over me Integrate Your breakfast circuit Lap it up And move it down Paint your hallway Captain Scarlet Montage features On the moon Coloured paper In my room
The jobless social scientist Playing on his own instinct Throws up a six again Meditating medicine man Discovers houses in his head For Kicks Career opportunist Finds a way To cheat And makes no bones To cheat And makes no bones at all Observant ice cream eater Licks off a parking meter Kicks off his shoes and sighs They walk away chattering to themselves Oh give me back my only chance To win And save him from The over eager crowds The latent patient waiting Throws back his head And laughs it off About the brave undaunted French chef who's leading lobsters Into pots where they sceam And moan Railway guard is bored Unsurprisingly Takes a chance And loses again Prima donna park keeper His community chest Is bared with scars
Dutchman is watching From the corner of his eye It's not that I mind so much It's the gun he's waving high Try not to look too good When you go to Amsterdam Check your wallet Forge your passport Backs against the wall Day or night Over in Holland It's so strange The ladies Will make ours look tame Over in Holland It's so strange It's the language That will throw you To the nearest dyke Like a lion tamer Holding up his chair Goodbye So thier claws Dont rip you apart Please dont get involved Or put your head in thier mouths You'll be turned into a cheese Over in Holland It's so strange The ladies Will make ours look tame Over in Holland Its so strange Naked light flicks on my face Awakes me from a dream Flickering images cross my pillow Memory comes clean I turn and see The long black hair Cascading down my spine I bark and snap But she wont move Is she dead or alive Save my life Over in Holland It's so strange The ladies Will make ours look tame Over in Holland It's so strange Mention Germans And you'll be directed to THe Hague A Flemish facade surrounds thier lives Visions turning vague Prostitutes and drud rings In the Kirkstraat Boxing Fair Sell thier wares And sell thier mothers Everlasting heart Over in Holland It's so strange The ladies Will make ours look tame Over in Holland It's so strange


This E.P was originally recorded in 1981/ 2, and digitally remastered in 2005.The original recordings took place at Peter Ind's original Wave Studios in Twickenham , London


released July 7, 2005

P.S are : Gary Steaggles : lead and backing vocals
Bill Perry : guitars , bass , and b.v's
Al Smart : bass
Jean Pierre Rees : drums
Rick Avory : keyboards
with : Virginia Justin ; b.v's / Alistair Mysterio : sax
and Russel : trumpet


All songs written by Bill Perry and Gary Steaggles

Originally recorded in 1981 / 82 and digitally remastered in 2005

Catalogue # PMP EP01C


all rights reserved



bill perry Auckland, New Zealand

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